• Be part of the Iberus Connect Forum and Social Groups: Facebook and Telegram.
  • Receive training in Intercultural Awareness that will allow the participant to develop leadership, awareness, negotiation, coaching and mentoring skills, among others. Workshops will be published in the following website.
  • Receive a recognition of 15 hours that credits the work as PhD coach or as Ambassador.
  • Maintain direct contact with Campus Iberus and inform Iberus Connect team about any difficulties

Obligations for PhD Coach

  • To support your mentee in administrative procedures at university.
  • Communicate assertively and give constructive feedback.
  • Establish a trusting relationship with your mentee.
  • Identify the needs and interests of your mentee.

Both, Phd Coach and Ambassador

  • Help in the process of integration and development of the international PhD at university.
  • To transmit the Institutional culture and values.Report problems that arise to the Iberus Connect team.
  • Complete the final evaluation survey.
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