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What is Iberus Connect?

Iberus Connect is an international network and PhD community of students coming from abroad to any of the Universities under the consortium of Campus Iberus: Public University of Navarre, University of La Rioja, University of Lleida and University of Zaragoza.The initiative Iberus Connect is divided into:


The program attempts to help PhD students coming from abroad to adapt to the hosting University and PhD life by pairing incoming PhDs with more experienced ones willing to act as local coaches at your university.

Your international PhD coach will guide you through relevant administrative and academic processes at the university and beyond. Your coach may also help you with other aspects to make your adaptation to the city and overall PhD life easier.

Doctoral ambassadors provide support to mentors and mentees, as well as facilitate communication between Campus Iberus and the Doctoral Schools.
In addition, they will be in charge of organising social activities throughout the academic year 2021/2022.

From Campus Iberus we manage the social networks: Facebook  and Telegram groups to create a community of doctoral students among the universities of the consortium.

What does a coach do?
  • Communicate with the international PhD students before arrival to your university.
  • Guide them through the administrative and academic processes at the university.
  • Help them find their way in and around the university.
  • Share tips and experiences to help them settle in the city and face PhD life matters.
  • Answer any questions they may have or check your answer with the contact person at the doctoral school in case of doubt.
  • Communicate with the doctoral school contact person and Campus Iberus.
What does an Ambassador do?
  • Act as contact between mentors, international doctoral students, Doctoral Schools and the Iberus Connect team.
  • Organisation of social events (at least 3 events during each academic year ).
  • Creation of content that can later be used in Campus Iberus social networks.
  • Attendance at the meetings with the Iberus Connect team and completion of the final survey.
What do we expect of you?
  • To know the city and the university well enough to give necessary information and share your experience on the administrative and academic processes.
  • To keep in touch with the international PhD students you are paired.
  • To complete the training on coaching areas.
  • To join the coordination meetings for coaches that will be organised at the doctoral school.
  • To inform of any problem to the doctoral school contact person and Campus Iberus.
  • To deliver a brief testimonial report of your experience at the end of the program.

How do I apply for a coach?

If you want to have a coach to guide you through the university processes, networking with your doctoral life and make your PhD life easier in Spain apply in the following form

How can I become a coach or an ambassador?

Only PhD students currently enrolled in a doctoral program of the
universities under the consortium of Campus Iberus can become a coach.⚠ NEW Deadline : 31 /07/2024

Questions about the Iberus Connect program?

Contact us via email: iberusconnect@campusiberus.es

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