Consortium: Qualivitis




Wine is one of the food-processing products whose value vary the most in function of quality. Wine quality is directly related to the intrinsic quality of the grapes. In fact, the phenolic and aromatic fractions (FFAs) of the grapes are the most important factors determining the wine quality, their structure in the mouth, aroma type and intensity, and their wine aging capacity. It is of great interest for the wine industry to have analytical indexes that allow to know the quality potential of the grape produces in a vine plot. In a comprehensive way, these indexes allow us to evaluate how certain culturing practices affect the wine quality.
The main aim of the action group is to establish collaborative work on the prediction and assessment of grape quality in wine-growing tests based on the characterization of the FFAs. This will help to better understand the implications of different growing and culture techniques of vines. Particularly it is of relevant interest the evaluation of vineyard management techniques in the context of climate change, trying to avoid unbalances between sugar and phenolic contents at the grape ripening.



  • Dr. Vicente Ferreira González (PI, University of Zaragoza)
  • Elena Bueno Aventín _ University of Zaragoza
  • Marta Dizy Soto _ University of La Rioja
  • Ana Escudero Carra _ University of Zaragoza
  • Purificación Fernández Orte _ University of Zaragoza
  • María Purificación Fernández Zurbano _ University of La Rioja
  • Chelo Ferreira González _ University of Zaragoza
  • Ricardo López Gómez _ University of Zaragoza
  • Diana Marín Ederra _ Public University of Navarra
  • Ignacio Ontanón Alonso _ University of Zaragoza
  • José Bernardo Royo Díaz _ Public University of Navarra
  • María Pilar Sáenz-Navajas _ University of Zaragoza
  • Luis Gonzaga Sanesteban García _ Public University of Navarra
  • Elayma Sánchez Acevedo _ University of Zaragoza
  • Mónica Bueno Fernández _ University of Zaragoza
  • Sara Ferrero del Teso _ University of La Rioja
  • Almudena Marrufo Curtido _ University of Zaragoza

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