Internationalisation is one of the fundamental bases of the Campus Iberus strategy, promoting joint coordinated actions between its four universities in specific areas of thematic specialisation as well as alliances and sustainable collaboration frameworks at three complementary levels of international dimension: cross-border collaboration (South of France), collaboration in Europe and collaboration beyond Europe (Latin America and Asia).

The long trajectory and international presence of Campus Iberus universities is endorsed by their participation in more than 300 Research and Innovation and Territorial Cooperation framework projects, maintaining collaborations signed with institutions in more than 60 countries. Campus Iberus has a permanent delegation in Bogotá.

In a context in which internationalisation is a fundamental value for training, professional development and job placement, we regularly call for international mobility grants aimed mainly at co-financing stays of staff and students from our universities in companies and institutions in the EU, Asia and Latin America.

The establishment of sustainable partnerships and collaborative frameworks is a core activity of our collaborative model, both nationally and internationally. We actively collaborate with public and private institutions as well as in networks and forums of particular relevance to the areas of specialisation and fields of activity of the Campus and our universities.

We maintain an active policy of institutional visibility and exchange of good practices, presenting our strategic partnership as a case study in regular European and international forums on collaboration between higher education institutions and the regional dimension of Research and Innovation, and projecting ourselves as an international reference model.

We promote the development of joint projects in the fields of Higher Education and Training, Research and Innovation, International Mobility, University-Business collaboration and Development Cooperation. Currently, our universities are involved in more than 300 Research, Innovation and Territorial Cooperation framework projects.

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