Greetings from the President

Throughout its ten years of existence, Campus Iberus, the campus of international excellence in the Ebro Valley, has maintained the commitment that the universities of Zaragoza, Pública de Navarra, Lleida and La Rioja initiated to promote a project that places university cooperation at the centre of its objectives.

We are universities with a lot in common, we have a lot in common. The four of us work in environments with very similar conditions, our challenges are the same, our needs and above all our clear vocation to serve the territories where we are located.

We have already come a long way together, we have programmes recognised by Europe, where we can highlight actions to retain and attract international talent, joint doctorate programmes, training activities, scientific dissemination, cooperation projects and an active international presence with our headquarters in Latin America, but far from being satisfied, we see a future with great opportunities where aggregation structures such as Campus Iberus are essential models. Translated with (free version)

It is this vision of the future and the difficult times we have been through that have given rise to a stronger motivation to continue working together on teaching and research excellence and its transfer to the productive sectors. This transfer is the lever for tackling environmental, technological, social and cultural challenges with solutions that involve research and the generation of knowledge.

Our development has been reinforced by the commitment of the representatives of the governments of La Rioja, Aragon, Navarre and Catalonia to collaborate with Campus Iberus. The communities have expressed, through a declaration of intent, their desire to strengthen and consolidate teaching and scientific excellence, the internationalisation of the university system and to generate new collaborative relations with the different actors in the Ebro Valley.

We can be proud of the model of alliances that our universities have promoted through the Consortium, which day by day strengthens its international presence and has become an engine of socio-economic progress in the Ebro Valley.

José Antonio Mayoral
President of Campus Iberus