Greetings from the president

With Campus Iberus, the universities of Zaragoza, Lleida, Navarra and La Rioja aim to stay ahead in a changing world so as to continue playing a relevant role in the training of professionals and in the generation of knowledge that induces social change.

This alliance, recognized with the Campus of International Excellence label by the Spanish Ministry of Education, seeks to pool efforts and resources in order to stand out in highly specialized fields, which are clearly aligned with the defining features of the Ebro Valley territory, as well as to achieve significant international positioning.

Innovation plays a fundamental role in the creation of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth with regions being the most suitable spaces where universities, businesses, public administrations and society as a whole come together.

The Campus Iberus’s project, in line with that spirit, is closely linked to the geographical space where its four universities are located and has as a goal to serve the citizens of the Ebro Valley, a space where common interests and interlocking socioeconomic trajectories meet.

Founded in 2010, in Campus Iberus four public universities from four autonomous communities join forces with a combined enrollment figure of 60,000 students and a wide range of academic undergraduate, masters and doctoral programmes offered.

Responding to its international vocation, Campus Iberus has expanded the scope of its project with alliances with the French universities of Pau and other cross-border universities. It also has an office in Brussels to support researchers and a delegation in Bogota, Colombia.

In the field of research we have created the Iberus Interuniversity Consortia in the areas of agri-food and nutrition, energy and the environment, health technologies and social and territorial development.

Campus Iberus is, therefore, a firm reality, a reality full of opportunities. At universities we are aware that it is the institutions that accredit an important capacity to forge alliances such as the one that commits us in Campus Iberus, which are the soundest academically and scientifically and have the widest social recognition and the greatest capacity to attract resources.

Julio Rubio

President of Campus Iberus

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