Greetings from the President

Campus Iberus, the strategic aggregation project launched by the universities of Zaragoza, Pública de Navarra, La Rioja and Lleida, was born in 2010 as a model of alliance to promote the economic and social progress of the Ebro Valley.

In these 14 years, based on the principles of aggregation, specialisation and internationalisation, Campus Iberus has managed to consolidate itself as an alliance of excellence and university cooperation, which has resulted in the retention and attraction of international talent through joint participation in European projects, doctoral programmes, training, scientific dissemination and cooperation activities, as well as an active international presence with its headquarters in Latin America.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we have managed to consolidate the original objectives of Campus Iberus and, in my opinion, we have gone much further by providing a greater backbone and cooperation between all the territories in which we work and which geographically coincide with the middle Ebro valley. Campus Iberus is today a firm reality, a reality full of opportunities. We university students are aware that the most academically and scientifically solvent institutions, the most socially recognised and those with the potential to obtain more resources are, precisely, those that demonstrate an important initiative and capacity to forge alliances such as this one that commits us to Campus Iberus. No institution other than the University has the necessary solvency, resources, neutrality and independence to be a catalyst for cooperation between regions with different socio-economic structures and governments of different political colours.

Campus Iberus is committed, together with the support of the Governments of its Autonomous Communities, to continue to be a national and international benchmark in the university aggregation model, developing the excellence, innovative potential and competitiveness of our universities. To this end, collaboration with public and private entities in the surrounding area will be one of the main lines of action for the development and execution of activities and programmes that allow resources to be shared, talent to be pooled and new challenges in education, research and innovation to be faced.

This model of aggregation that the Campus Iberus universities have promoted through the Consortium reinforces its international presence day by day and has become a driving force for socio-economic progress in the Ebro Valley.

Juan Carlos Ayala Calvo
President of Campus Iberus

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