Training activities

Programmes, activities and competitions for doctoral students at the four universities that make up Campus Iberus.

Meeting organised annually in Jaca with the aim of promoting the communication of doctoral research in a multidisciplinary environment, as well as fostering relations between doctoral students from different universities and research areas.

It is a challenge in which doctoral students or recent doctoral graduates can develop their communication and dissemination skills, concretise ideas and present them effectively to a non-expert audience.



The Dialnet Foundation of the University of La Rioja periodically prepares an online course on the use of Dialnet as a tool for research aimed at Campus Iberus doctoral students.

CEIN, the European Center for Business and Innovation of Navarra, in collaboration with Campus Iberus, is going to organize an online course on entrepreneurship.

This course, held annually, is aimed at enabling doctoral students to work on the sense of opportunity so that they can give their doctoral research a practical and labor market-oriented approach.


A course aimed at training PhD students in the most relevant aspects of data management and research in general in an Open Science environment, which includes research methods in which the experiments and data obtained are publicly available.

This course emphasises the importance of presenting the most relevant information in a visually attractive way, as a means of effectively conveying the results of a research project.

A 2-hour training activity offered by the Public University of Navarra on entrepreneurship targeted for PhD students at Campus Iberus.

This course is based on the fundamentals of the Responsible Conduct of Science, dealing with Ethics and Research Integrity with the aim at preventing PhD fellows from scientific misconduct and detrimental research practices.
The contents of this course have a multidisciplinary dimension suitable for PhDs from different disciplines.

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