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The objective of the lifestyle-based medicine is to establish basic recommendations on dietary habits, physical activity, healthy weight, and wellness in order to increase their life expectancy with good health, quality of life and autonomy. However, obesity, cardiovascular diseases (CV) and diabetes are the result of complex interactions between environmental factors, particularly lifestyle, and genes. In this regard, personalized nutrition aims to design tailored dietary and physical activity recommendations for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders taking into account the individual characteristics. These tailored recommendations require advanced nutritional status and physical activity measurements, the integration of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, and the study of the metabolome and microbiome. The inclusion of “omics” in future nutritional studies will help to understand the underlying mechanisms on the pathophysiology of chronic metabolic disorders, and to develop tailored dietary and physical activity recommendations for the personalized prevention and treatment of obesity, CV and diabetes.
Research on personalized nutrition requires advanced equipment for both the nutritional assessment and molecular biology. In addition, the design of programs aimed to improve dietary habits and increase physical activity levels for the prevention of nutrition-associated chronic diseases needs large sample sizes. These large sample sizes are difficult to recruit in towns with small-medium population size such as Pamplona, Lleida and Zaragoza. The collaboration of the three research groups participating in this proposal with complementary experience and equipment will allow to reach the proposed objectives.



  • Idoia Labayen Goñi (PI; Public University of Navarra)
  • Cristina Cadenas Sánchez_Public University of Navarra
  • Ana Arana Navarro_Public University of Navarra
  • María José Beriain Apesteguía_Public University of Navarra
  • Beatriz Soret Lafraya_Public University of Navarra
  • Francisco Ibáñez Moya_Public University of Navarra
  • Luis Alberto Moreno Aznar_University of Zaragoza
  • Jose Antonio Casajús_University of Zaragoza
  • Alba María Santaliestra Pasías_University of Zaragoza
  • Pilar Argente Arizón_University of Zaragoza
  • Azahara Iris Rupérez Cano_University of Zaragoza
  • María del Pilar Miguel Etayo_University of Zaragoza
  • Gerardo Rodríguez Martínez_University of Zaragoza
  • José Serrano Casasola_University of Lleida
  • Albert Lecube Torelló_University of Lleida
  • Carolina López Cano_University of Lleida
  • Juan Antonio Baena Fustegueras_University of Lleida
  • Manuel Portero-Otin_University of Lleida
  • Marta Hernández García_University of Lleida

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