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The Action Plan defines the agreed steps for future collaboration between the four partner regions of Aquitaine (France), Navarra, Aragon and Basque Country (Spain), with both, public entities as well as companies This action plan aims to drive development through sustainable energy research and technological development. In taking collaborative action to strengthen mutual regional economic structures with a high RTD absorption capacity and allowing actors and stakeholders to exploit research, the four regions will take significant steps towards energy self-sufficiency and CO2 reduction. At the core of this plan is the desire to work together to achieve sustainable energy outcomes. Engaging key stakeholders from the research, private and public sectors, regions can drive forward collaborative action to achieve sustainable energy goals. The action plan pivots around two energy priority themes: energy storage and energy efficiency. The action plan pivots around two energy priority themes: energy storage and energy efficiency.

The action proposal is aligned with specific specialization area on “Energy and Environment” and fully matches with two lines established by CEI Iberus: energy efficiency and energy storage and management.

The particular overarching scientific challenge of the consortium is to contribute on Energy Systems Integration by the smart integration of a whole spectrum of various energy supply technologies into an urban environment, improving dramatically the energy efficiency, with the final objective of approaching as much as possible to Nearly Zero Energy Districts to reach Smart Nearly Zero Energy Cities.

The fulfilment of this objective requires the development of new sensing technologies, ICT infrastructure and data processing techniques for the optimal design and operation at large-scale of renewable energies, energy storages, polygeneration systems and conventional energy systems with an appropriate, innovative and efficient energy system integration.
Researchers from the University of Zaragoa, Public University of Navarre and University of Lleida participate in this action group.

Research lines:

  • Energy supply sub-systems operating within wider systems-of-systems, the vision of the consortium is contributing until some extent in the development of an integrated, flexible and adaptive multi-level decision support framework for scenarios ranging from whole city/district energy generation/consumption to single building, in order to reach as much as possible Nearly Zero Energy Cities (NZEC).
  • Promote the use of thermal energy storage solutions as well as essential key technology for the energy transition. These solutions for energy storage face the drawbacks of renewable energy intermitent production, cuasing s mismatch between energy demand and availability. . A special emphasis will be paid on technologies with high energy density, as a key component for the integration of renewable energy sources (primarily solar thermal, PV and PVT), waste heat (including heat from cogeneration systems) or use of more favourable thermal sources (great potential to benefit from an adequate energy integration of heat pumps) in networks for both district heating and cooling.
  • 3. Design and development of thermoelectric generators as part of a polygeneration system to obtain electric power, and meet the district heating and cooling demands, by the action of absorption chillers. In addition, computational tools have to be developed to simulate the performance of all the thermal systems, both energy generators and consumers, for global optimization of the integrated system.



  • Lidía Rincón Villareal (IP, Universidad de Lleida)
  • Marc Medrano Martorell (Coordinador, Universidad de Lleida)
  • Pablo Sanchis Gúrpide (Coordinador, Universidad Pública de Navarra)
  • Luis María Serra de Renobales (Coordinador, Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Mónica Delgado _ Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Álvaro Campos Celador _ UPV
  • Jean Pierre Bedecarrats _ Univ. Pau
  • Gonzalo Diarce Belloso _ UPV
  • Erwin Franquet _ Univ. Pau 
  • Ana Miren García Romero _ UPV
  • David Astrain Ulibarrena _ Universidad Pública de Navarra
  • Albert Oriol Castell Casol _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Ana Lázaro Fernández _ Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Antonio Jesús López Martín _ Universidad Pública de Navarra
  • Ingrid Martorell Boada _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Ignacio Raúl Matías Maestro _ Universidad Pública de Navarra
  • Cristian Solé Cutrona _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Sergi Vall Aubets _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Eduardo Antonio Pina _ Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Joan Roca Enrich _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Miquel Nogués Aymamí _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Javier Bradineras Escó _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Martí Comellas Andrés _ Universidad de Lleida
  • Edwin Samir Pinto Maquilon _ Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Alberto Berrueta Irigoyen _ Universidad Pública de Navarra

Other entities:

  • UPV
  • Univ. Pau
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