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The agricultural activity in the autonomous communities involved in Campus Iberus is crucial for their economic development. This statement is even more relevant if we focus on the Ebro Valley, the backbone of the region. However, there is an imminent need to carry out this activity with optimized criteria and guaranteeing the sustainability. This applies to practically all the agricultural activity and at each of its various phases, highlighting a necessary proper management of key resources such as water and soil, which is often left to the decision of the person in charge of the agricultural farm. The work of the cluster has the ultimate goal of minimizing the environmental impact associated to agriculture, making reasonable use of inputs and ensuring their sustainability. La consecución de estos objetivos hace imprescindible aumentar el conocimiento y el control de todas las fasesy procesos de la actividad agraria lo que sólo puede llevarse a cabo con una elevada tecnificación.
This cluster aggregates researchers and experts in different technologies that will allow the transition of agricultural practices towards an optimal use of resources (water, soil, agricultural inputs and energy) and minimal environmental impact that will make this primary activity sustainable over time.



  • Dr. Javier Casalí Sarasíbar (PI, Public University of Navarra)
  • Mª Teresa Lamelas Gracia _ University of Zaragoza
  • Noemí Lana-Renault Monreal _ University of La Rioja
  • José Ángel Llorente Adán _ University of La Rioja
  • Purificación Ruiz Flaño _ University of La Rioja
  • Jesús Álvarez Mozos _ Public University of Navarra
  • José Arnáez Vadillo _ University of La Rioja
  • Luis Miguel Arregui Odériz _ Public University of Navarra
  • Miguel Ángel Campo Bescós _ Public University of Navarra
  • Alberto García Martín _ University of Zaragoza
  • Rafael Giménez Díaz _ Public University of Navarra
  • María González de Audícana Almenabar _ Public University of Navarra
  • Mikel Goñi Garatea _Public University of Navarra
  • Raquel Montorio Llovería _ University of Zaragoza
  • Fernando Pérez Cabello _ University of Zaragoza
  • Nuria Esther Pascual Bellido _ University of La Rioja

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