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Researchers from three universities (UPNA, UdL and UZ) are clustered working on complementary research lines in the field of agricultural machinery, the application of plant-protection products, precision agriculture and the use of different innovative technologies for the determination of a wide range of quality parameters (including the detection of pests and diseases) in fruit crops and vines.
Knowledge of the behaviour of diseases affecting fruit trees is essential to determine the need and the right time to carry out plant protection treatments.
The application of multi- and hyperspectral images in both the visible and the infrared range, as well as near-infrared spectroscopy are presented as tools that allow us to know the presence of diseases before visible symptoms appear on plants. And, therefore it makes possible a more specific treatment.
The use of photonic based sensors allows an electronic characterization of the vegetation both at tree and at plot level. This information will be useful in different areas: analysis of crop development, adjustment of application volume, comparison between crops…
This is also part of the strategy to reduce the use of phytosanitary products, so it is also important to make use of application techniques that take into account the shape and amount of vegetation of the fruit trees and vines.
For all these reasons, collaboration under this joint action group will promote participation in larger projects, in addition to advancing knowledge through the direction of Final Degree/Master Projects or Doctoral Theses.



  • Silvia Arazuri Garin (PI; Public University of Navarra)
  • Carmen Jarén Ceballos_Public University of Navarra
  • Ainara López Maestresalas_Public University of Navarra
  • Carlos Miranda Jimenez_Public University of Navarra
  • Gonzaga Santesteban García_Public University of Navarra
  • Jordi Llorens Calveras_University of Lleida
  • Alexandre Escolà Agustí_University of Lleida
  • Jaume Arnó Satorra_University of Lleida
  • Eduard Gregorio López_University of Lleida
  • Fco. Javier García Ramos_University of Zaragoza
  • Mariano Vidal Cortés_University of Zaragoza
  • Ángel Jiménez Jiménez_University of Zaragoza
  • Antonio Boné Garasa_University of Zaragoza
  • Francisco José Castillo Ruiz_Universidad of La Rioja

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