CircularTalentLabs’ III Edition

Second Life: Recycled Materials

The challenge

This project seeks to achieve a minimum viable product thatrevalues the packaging waste that is selectively collected in the yellow container. These are separated by type of material in the sorting plants and, finally, they are transformed into new raw material in the recycling companies. Mainly,the focus has been on those recycled materials that have less value in the market, in additionto making the population aware of environmental problems, emphasizing the opportunities that recycling presents.

The team

Paula Baños Ávalos

Degree in Chemistry

Miguel Cárcamo Alonso

Degree in Business Administration and Management

Paloma de la Cruz Cuevas

Degree in Industrial and Product Design Engineering

Cecilia Falo López

Degree in law
Master in Sociology of Public and Social Policies

Javier Najem de Vinuesa

Degree in Product Design

Eva Rosado Pascual

Degree in audiovisual communication
Master in Comprehensive Packaging Design for the Food and Wine Industry

Pilar Ruiz Manuel

Degree in Graphic Design

Lucía Sainz

Degree in Product Design

Estíbaliz Simón Orta

Degree in Product Design

Amaia Villar Idoate

Degree in Sociology

Their experience

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