CircularTalentLab’ V Edition

Citizen Science

The challenge

Project focused on Citizen Science, whose objective has been work for and with the citizen in order to: raise awareness of the importance of recycling, detect problems or day-to-day needs related to recycling to solve them and work with citizens to find new incentives.

The team

Julián Celeita Sanchez

Degree in Naval Architecture
Master in renewable energy and energy sustainability

Jaime Fernández Algorri

Degree in economics
Master in Trade, Transport and International Communications

Javier García Menéndez

Degree in social and cultural anthropology

Iban Otxoa

Degree in Political Science and Administration
Master in Political Marketing: Analysis, Strategy and Political Communication

Paola Pequerul Mur

Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development
Master in Product Design Engineering

Ana Rincón Da Silva

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
Master in Organization of Events and Institutional Relations

Zaira Vázquez Jiménez

Degree in environmental science
Master in Sustainable Waste Management