Currently there are more than 50,000 students from over 45 countries studying in the Campus Iberus universities. These universities are outgoing and gregarious in nature and cover ecological, international, and scientific and technology issues that are of utmost importance and interest.
    Campus Iberus is the joint project for all four public universities located in four different autonomous communities of the Ebro valley: the University of Zaragoza in the region of Aragon; the Public University of Navarra in the Navarra region; the University of La Rioja in La Rioja region; and the University of Lleida in the Catalonia region. Students are able to make use of modern facilities in which they can develop their personal and professional skills.
    One of the key features of Campus Iberus is the development of strategic alliances with national and international prestigious universities. The international presence and relationship that Campus Iberus has with these top universities on a global basis conveys a unique characteristic, which is unfound worldwide.
    The cultural heritage of the regions consists of immeasurable assets that represent Spain’s historical, artistic, cultural and natural identity. These assets form the elements that characterises the past, present and future of Spain, which will pass on to future generations as a legacy of their culture.
    Certainly Flamenco and the bullfights are renowned worldwide as among the Spanish folklore traditions, being the most spectacular that of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona during the early part of July. To be able to form part of some of Spain’s traditions is getting undoubtedly involved in its culture and immersing in the programme that is strongly devoted to the Spanish culture and heritage.
    There will be many days ahead in this business summer course to be able to enjoy various leisure activities. Taking advantage of the good weather that usually accompanies the mainland peninsula, you will carry out all types of outdoor spare time activities where you will not only be able to relax but also be able to get acquainted with one another.
    As time is very important to all, you will have many instances to enjoy it while you are taking it easy and/or communicating online with your family and friends. Not only that, but while you experience the cultural heritage of the four spectacular cities walking through their streets, you will be awed by their main shopping boulevards and the best shopping malls found worldwide. For example, Zaragoza’s Puerto Venecia was named the world’s best Retail and Leisure Development centre in 2013. Are you going to miss it?