In Campus Iberus, the public universities of the autonomous communities of Aragon, Navarra and La Rioja, and that of the province of Lleida in Catalonia, being aware of the challenges of a collaboration between different universities located in different autonomous communities, have made the building of this partnership a major objective, adopting a joint project and model of governance that make it possible.

The first step has been the constitution of the Consortium Campus Iberus, whose composition and structure guarantee the participation of all the economic and social elements in the area of operation of Campus Iberus, with a representation of businesses, organizations and cities, with shared goals and planning.

Government, management and participation bodies:

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  • President

The President holds the highest office of the Consortium.  He assumes the legal and institutional representation of the organization, notwithstanding the delegation of functions he can make to other officers of the Consortium.He is responsible for the leadership and management of the Consortium, he develops the strategic action lines that have been approved by the relevant governing bodies and implements their agreements.  The President will be appointed by the Council for a one-year term among the Rectors of the universities of the Consortium.  The Rectors will hold the office of President of the Consortium in turn.

  • Council

The initial composition of the Council is as follows:

-      The four Rectors of the Consortium’s universities

-      The four Presidents of the Social Councils, one for each university

  • Executive Vice-President

The Executive Vice-President will be appointed by the Council, among faculty members of the Consortium’s universities.  The Council has the capacity to dismiss, revoke of replace the Executive Vice-President.The Vice-President must have experience in university management, in public-private partnership bodies and in international relations.  The Executive Vice-President is appointed for two year terms that can be extended for another two years.The Executive Vice-President’s role is to assist the President in the management of the Consortium, co-ordinating and managing all the activities of Campus Iberus.

  • Sectoral Commissions

The Executive Committee, in order to advance in the implementation of Campus Iberus’ activities and improve its functioning can agree on the creation of Sectoral Commissions.The Sectoral Commissions will deal with specific academic questions.  The Council will create them and determine its name and functions.The Sectoral Commissions of Campus Iberus are:

- Student & Outreach Sectoral Commission

- R&D&I Sectoral Commission

- Academic Policy Sectoral Commission

- International Relations Sectoral Commission

  • Executive Director

Appointed by the President, the Executive Director is responsible for the day to day management of the Consortium’s activities.  She supervises the activity of the Technical Secretariat of the Consortium.

  • Documents

Articles of association (in Spanish) (PDF)