(Español) Proyecto DEMOLA

DEMOLA – Building together an open innovation.

What is DEMOLA?

DEMOLA is an open innovation and cooperation platform wherein students, in a collaborative way with companies and R&D&I institutions, develop novel concepts, products and services – such as prototypes, pilot tests and/or demos – for real-world application. The basic logic behind this pioneering model of open innovation is that the equipment of the students involve in the development of concrete projects are stakeholders of their own results, which can be either subsequently acquire by the partner firms, or developed on a larger scale under the creation of novel technology-based firms.

In Finland, original place of this initiative, the University of Tampere in collaboration with NOKIA conceptualized this open innovation project, establishing the first DEMOLA node in Tampere in 2008. Ever since, this model has successfully extended to Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, Mexico and Spain, due to its easy portability and replicability, building up, as a whole, a large dynamic and interactive network multidisciplinary and with international scope.

What’s In It for me?

DEMOLA allows our students, as part of their academic education, to acquire work experience within the framework of real and concrete business projects; at the same time that partner firms find innovative solutions to their necessities through the integration to their business models of novel concepts, ideas, services and products developeded by the students community.

Hitherto, DEMOLA has achieved that, over 1500 students and 100 firms, took part in roughly 250 projects. More than 90 per cent of the generated innovations has been licensed or acquired by the corporate sector for its commercial exploitation. The results obtained indicate a positive impact and efficiency of this platform, that boosted DEMOLA as a successful open innovation model in the framework of university-company cooperation.

Campus Iberus and DEMOLA: Providing our students with open innovation.

Campus Iberus is committed to integrate the innovative DEMOLA model to its University – Company collaboration strategy along 2016. Thus, the Campus offers to its students, entrepreneurs, researchers and developments, an environment for open innovation, allowing the transformation and development of the ideas in prototypes, pilot tests, products and services; as well as an approach between academy and industry and an employment booster based on knowledge, since a multidisciplinary perspective and an international scope.

Would you like to participate?

We will provide further information in the upcoming days.

Further datails:

DEMOLA: http://www.demola.net/