Joint Research Centres with enterprises

Campus Iberus plans to create joint research centres with companies in line with its strategic objective of “Improving University-business interaction by promoting the transfer and valorization of research results”

The joint research centres with companies are spaces of research that promote the research in partnership of technologists and scientists, which represents added value to communication and the approach between the university and business worlds.

They allow the creation of shared R+D units where university and company personnel work together on a day to day basis, sharing not only objectives and goals, but also physical spaces, which creates personal interaction that is so important in the progress of technological innovation.

These joint research centres with companies will have areas in the universities and their use will be limited to the established research contracts.  It is also planned to establish agreements with Science and Technology Parks, so that the joint research centres of a certain size can have facilities there.

Campus Iberus has the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the INNOCAMPUS Programme within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence Programme, for its bid to improve its position and excellence in the area “Materials and Technology for Quality of Life”.  This is a priority area that is subdivided into two subareas: “Technology for Health” and “Energy and the Environment”.  This support is materialized, among other measures, in the building of a facility to house the joint research centres with companies which will be located in the Ebro River Campus at the University of Zaragoza.